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HAIKU May 2022

大風の俄に起こる幟かな     子規


ōkaze no

niwakani okoru

nobori kana


carp streamers

lifted in the sudden gale


Season word: carp streamer ( nobori), summer

Composed by Masaoka Shiki in 1894, at age 27. Born

in Matsuyama, Shiki is credited with

TV MOVIES May 2022


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TOPICS May 2022

Scientists’ Epoch-Making Research

A group of scientists, including Professor Kanagawa from the Graduate School of Medicine, Ehime University, announced that they succeeded in treating a test mouse with a type of muscular dystrophy.

They said it is a milestone for



Canceled events

IKAZAKI (五十崎) ODAKO-GASSEN (Big Kite Fight Festival) Ikazaki, Uchiko-cho IMABARI (今治) SPRING FESTIVAL Imabari city

-Mid May MT. TOMISU TSUTSUJI (Azalea) FESTIVAL 0zu city 大洲市         

Details of the event have not been announced yet.  (Tel.0893-24-2111)

May 3

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