Canceled events

IKAZAKI (五十崎) ODAKO-GASSEN (Big Kite Fight Festival) Ikazaki, Uchiko-cho IMABARI (今治) SPRING FESTIVAL Imabari city

-Mid May MT. TOMISU TSUTSUJI (Azalea) FESTIVAL 0zu city 大洲市         

Details of the event have not been announced yet.  (Tel.0893-24-2111)

May 3 KENPO-KINEN-BI (Constitution Day) (National Holiday)

The present constitution was promulgated on May 3, 1947.

This day commemorates the event and it is also a day for us to reaffirm hope in national growth.

May 4 MIDORI-NO-HI (Greenery Day) (National Holiday)  

This holiday was established in 1989 for people to admire nature, give thanks for its blessings, and to cultivate love for all living things on the earth.

May 5 KODOMO-NO-HI (Childrens Day) (National Holiday)

Traditionally, this was Boys’ Day, but after World War II it was changed to Children’s Day. Now it is a day to pray for healthy growth of children. Koinobori (carp streamers) are flown which, according to Chinese legend, symbolize vigor and strength. Chimaki (rice dumpling wrapped in a bamboo leaf) and kashiwa-mochi (rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf) are the traditional treats of the day.

Early May KASHIMA (鹿島) SPRING FESTIVAL Kashima, Hojo, Matsuyama city

Details of the event have not been announced yet. (Tel. 089-992-1423)

May 21-June 12  NANRAKU-EN (南楽園) HANA-SHOBU (Iris) FESTIVAL

                                                      9:00-17:00      Uwajima city  

Nanraku-en is the biggest Japanese-style garden in Shikoku. There are many kinds of trees and flowers. Around the end of May 30,000 iris plants are particularly impressive and most beautiful.

(Tel. 0895-32-3344)

Main events: Take-toro (bamboo lantern) Art Evening May 28- June 5  17:00-21:00

Tobe-yaki (pottery) Sales

Local Product Sales / Tea ceremony

Admission Adults (Older than 18) 310yen Children 150yen


Transportation: Take a train bound for Uwajima (an 80-minute ride). Then take a Uwajima bus bound for Nanrakuen, Fukuura or Kakeajiro and get off at Nanrakuen-mae (a 40-minute ride).                 

NOTES: Events might be canceled or postponed to prevent spread of the novel coronavirus infection. Please check the latest information.