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TOPICS January 2023

Haiku Challenge in English

An Australian haiku poet, Dougle J. Lindsey, recently gave a lecture at Matsuyama University. He works at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology in Kanagawa Prefecture while serving as an English haiku judge for

TOPICS December 2022

The Stars and Stripes Connect Japan and the U.S.

Matthew Calbraith Perry aged 81, a fifth-generation descendant of Commodore Perry, visited Saijo City on November 13.

In 1853, before visiting Uraga, Commodore Perry called at Chichijima Island and gave the

TOPICS November 2022

Ukrainian Singer Performed in Ehime

A Ukrainian singer, Natasha Guzy, visited the Shikokuchuo City Hall, eastern Ehime, on October 12, the day before she held a concert in the same city. To support Ukraine, she has been holding charity concerts

TOPICS October2022

Deep-Fried Kamaboko with Pepper from Cambodia on Sale

A kamaboko maker in Uwajima, southwestern Ehime, has started selling fried kamaboko, fish cake, with Cambodian pepper kneaded in it. It is a collaboration product with Ryoji Takayama, who continues to work

TOPICS September 2022

Famous Baseball Sites in Matsuyama

This year marks 150 years since baseball was introduced from the US to Japan. In commemoration, the 150 most famous and sacred spots were certified by Japanese baseball-related organizations including the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization

TOPICS August 2022

Hospitality to the Muslims in Dogo

To increase the number of Muslim tourists, the Dogo Onsen Ryokan Cooperative held a workshop on halal food, which is acceptable according to Muslim law.

It was held at a hotel in Dogo, Matsuyama,

TOPICS July 2022

Outdoor Pool at Aqua-Palette to Open

 Matsuyama city announced that the outdoor pool at Aqua-Palette, the municipal pool, opened from June 18 to September 11 this summer, although the number of people allowed to use it at one time is

TOPICS June 2022

Annual Summer Events Revived

On May 17, the Matsuyama Central Shopping District Association announced that it decided to hold the summer night market on Saturdays called doyō-yoichi, four times this year from July 2 to 23. Due to the

TOPICS May 2022

Scientists’ Epoch-Making Research

A group of scientists, including Professor Kanagawa from the Graduate School of Medicine, Ehime University, announced that they succeeded in treating a test mouse with a type of muscular dystrophy.

They said it is a milestone for

TOPICS April 2022

Concern about Russians in Japan

As the Russian army continues to invade Ukraine, some Russians in Japan have been subjected to hate speech. The chairman of Nankai Broadcasting Co., Ltd., Mr. Tanaka, is worried about this trend.

He is the

TOPICS March 2022

The Most On-Time Small Airport – Matsuyama Airport

Matsuyama Airport Terminal Building Co., Ltd. announced that they were named the most on-time small airport in the world in 2021 by CIRIUM, a British aviation data analysis company. This research has

TOPICS February 2022

Matsuyama Baseball Dance PR Video

The Matsuyama Festival Executive Committee recently produced a “Baseball Dance” PR video of a new version of the traditional local dance called Yakyuken Odori. The new version was released last summer in an attempt to

TOPICS January 2022

An Ehime Citizen Goes to Space

Maezawa Yusaku aged 46, the founder of ZOZO, a major clothing store, set off to space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on the Russian Soyuz spaceship on December 8, 2021. He will stay

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