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Famous Baseball Sites in Matsuyama

This year marks 150 years since baseball was introduced from the US to Japan. In commemoration, the 150 most famous and sacred spots were certified by Japanese baseball-related organizations including the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization (NPB).

Three places in Matsuyama were on the list. One is a site including Botchan Stadium, Madonna Stadium, and the Baseball Historical Museum, located in Ichitsubo-nishi-machi. The other two are the former Matsuyama Municipal Baseball Stadium which was located in Horinouchi, and the Shiki Museum located in Dogo Park in recognition of Shiki’s contribution to Japanese baseball terminology.

A digital stamp rally is being held until December 31 to visit the 150 sites nationwide using an app. Their website is:

(August 15, Koho Matsuyama)

Ehime University Tests Insects as Aqua Feed

On August 8 Ehime University announced that in July they started an aquaculture experiment of red sea bream using a feed containing 10% mealworm (insect larva) in collaboration with Hidecho Suisan Co., Ltd., in Uwajima City. The amount of insects in their feed is on a par with similar experiments throughout the world, and is expected to serve as a measure against the soaring price of fish meal and improve meat quality.

 Takeshi Miura (59), professor of the Graduate School of Agriculture of Ehime university, says that the price of fishmeal has risen more than four times what it was 20 years ago due to overfishing of anchovies, which is the raw material for fishmeal, and the rising demand in global aquaculture. The graduate school has been studying the use of insect feed using houseflies and silk moths since 2009. In addition to improving disease resistance and meat quality, the results such as stress reduction of fish, weight gain, and brighter body color were also observed. They have focused on mealworms because fish like them and they contain a lot of immunostimulatory substances.

The test is being conducted at Hidecho Suisan farm, in which 8,000 red sea bream are given conventional fishmeal-feed and another 8,000 are fed the insect-mixed feed to look at the effects such as differences in growth and meat quality. Professor Miura said that this test is the first step toward the full-scale utilization of insect feed and can contribute to sustainable aquaculture. They would like to convey the benefits of insect-mixed feed to the market and promote environmental education. The results will be analyzed in November, and they plan to sell the fish in March, 2023. If all goes well, they will next do aquaculture testing of yellowtail.

(August 8, Ehime Shimbun)

Ukraine Refugee Children Foster International Friendship in Tobe

 The Ehime International Exchange Summer School, which has been held since 1987 by the Friends of The World Association, started on August 6 at the former Takaichi Elementary School in Tobe in order to encourage children to develop international-mindedness. This year, 64 people, including six Ukraine children aged 5 to 11, and children from inside and outside the prefecture joined and interacted with each other during the 3-day camp. The Ukraine children said, with a smile on their faces, “We want to make a lot of friends.”

 They lived in the fierce battlefield of Sumy Oblast near the border of the capital Kiev and Russia, where conditions became dangerous due to destructive attacks from Russia. They traveled to evacuation camps inside Ukraine and Poland with their families and finally came to Japan between the end of March and the middle of July. They now attend a Sunday school in Tokyo. Participation in the summer program was made possible by the efforts of the Polish Embassy in Japan.

(August 6, Ehime Shimbun)

Great Deal at Matsuyama Fresh Market

A campaign, by which 3,000 yen worth of fresh products like vegetables, fruit, flowers and fish at wholesale markets in Matsuyama could be bought by 1,800 yen (40% off) at retail stores, is being implemented.

Application & Purchase

  1. Apply for a coupon through the website or Line App (Japanese only)


    Official Matsuyama City Line App

  2. Delivery of Coupon

    A postcard with the coupon(s) attached will be sent to the applicant.

  3. Pre-order of Product

    To use the coupon, call the store of your choice that is participating in this campaign and pre-order what and when you would like to make your purchase.

  4. Purchase

    Go to the store and pay using the coupon(s).

Application Period

1st phase: Vegetable and Fisheries Markets = SOLD OUT

     Flower Market only: till Monday, September 12

2nd phase: Tuesday, September 20 to Thursday, November 10

(First come first served)

Number of Coupon Issued

20,000 each for vegetables, flowers and fish markets

Maximum number of appliable coupons

Two coupons for each market per person

For further information:

(August 1, Koho Matsuyama)

Memorandum of Understanding with Vietjet Air

Ehime prefecture concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with Vietjet Air for cooperation in the prompt launch of regular flights between Matsuyama and Ho Chi Minh City and safe operation in the future. The prefecture aims to stimulate the economy in Ehime by strengthening the relationship with Vietnam showing stable and continuous economic growth in both tourism and business.

According to the prefecture, a new international terminal building is planned to open at Matsuyama airport. Once the new terminal opens, the capacity for international flights will increase to two, making it possible for two international aircraft at the same time.

The prefecture determined to establish a direct and regular flight with Vietnam even before the pandemic on the basis of an expansion of the international terminal building. The reasons why Vietnam was chosen are 1) existing relationship by economic exchange and the large number of technical intern trainees coming from Vietnam, 2) possibility of inbound tourism.

Vietjet suggested that the prefecture grow and confirm the market by some chartered flights first, and then change to regular service. Governor Nakamura understands that a stable load factor is essential to offering regular flights, and pointed out that acceleration of the markets for tourism, going home and economic exchange is necessary.

(August 1, Ehime Shimbun Online)

Ukrainian Athletes Visited Ehime

Two female Ukrainian athletes were invited by the Japan Deaf Athletes Association as a way to support Ukraine. They won gold medals at the Deaflympics, an international competition for the hearing-impaired, held in Brazil in May.

After the Deaflympics, they didn’t return to their home country but went to Romania. One of them is a hammer thrower and the other is a shot putter. They expressed their gratitude to Japan at a news conference held in Tokyo on June 20.

They visited Ehime to participate in a training camp for the Japan Deaf Athletes National Team. They stayed in Ehime from July 21 until the 28th practicing with 12 athletes at Saijo Hiuchi Athletes Stadium in eastern Ehime. They also planned to participate in training camps in Nagoya and Hokkaido prefectures.

(July 22, Ehime Shimbun)

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