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During the pandemic the printed version of What’s Going On? was suspended.  We had intended to start up again, but due to a cost increase and other reasons, we are no longer able to print.  At present, we

TOPICS June 2022

Annual Summer Events Revived

On May 17, the Matsuyama Central Shopping District Association announced that it decided to hold the summer night market on Saturdays called doyō-yoichi, four times this year from July 2 to 23. Due to the



Canceled Events

NAKAYAMA FIREFLY FESTIVAL in Nakayama-cho, Iyo City 

OTAUE (Planting Rice) FESTIVAL 御田植祭 

                        At Oyamazumi-jinja (shrine) 大山祇神社   

Scheduled Events

May 21-June 12  NANRAKU-EN 南楽園 HANA-SHOBU (Iris) FESTIVAL     

                                                       9:00-17:00   Uwajima City  

Nanraku-en is the biggest Japanese-style garden in Shikoku. …

HAIKU June 2022

夕立や蛙の面に三粒ほど       子規


yūdachi ya

kawazu no tsura ni

mitsubu hodo




afternoon shower 

two or three raindrops

on the frog’s face




Season word: afternoon shower (夕立 yūdachi), summer

Composed by Masaoka Shiki in 1900, at age 33. Born

in Matsuyama,


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