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HAIKU March 2023

風船のふわりふわりと日永哉        子規

fūsen no

fuwari fuwari to

hinaga kana

a balloon

floating, floating

a long spring day

Season word: long spring day (日永hinaga), spring

Composed by Masaoka Shiki in 1896, at age 29. Born

in Matsuyama, Shiki is

TOPICS March 2023

Dispatch to Turkey for Medical Support

On February 13, Ehime Prefecture announced that a nurse working for the Prefectural Hospital would be dispatched to Turkey as a member of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to provide medical support after

FESTIVAL March 2023

March 3 HINA-MATSURI (Hina-doll Festival)

Hina-matsuri is held to celebrate girls’ growth, health, and happiness. The origin is thought to be Joshi-no-sekku or Kegare-barai held in the Heian era more than 1,000 years ago, when people floated dolls made of

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