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HAIKU February 2023

春寒き手を握りたる別哉        子規


haru samuki

te o nigiritaru

wakare kana


parting —

a handshake

in the spring chill


Season word: spring chill (春寒し harusamushi), spring

Composed by Masaoka Shiki in 1899, at age 32. Born

in Matsuyama, Shiki is

FESTIVALS February 2023


Setsubun literally means the parting of the seasons and it is the eve of the first day of each season (Rishun spring, Rikka summer, Rishu autumn, and Ritto winter). Gradually it came to indicate only the

TOPICS February 2023

Memories with Guests into Books

Ms. Hirayama, who runs a guesthouse in Miyakubo-cho, Imabari, northern Ehime, has compiled her nine notebooks containing messages and illustrations from her guests, and photos she took of them into two books.

Her guesthouse opened

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