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HAIKU December 2022

ものゝふの河豚にくはるゝ悲しさよ    子規


mononofu no

fugu ni kuwaruru

kanashisa yo


how tragic

warriors eaten

by globefish


Season word: globefish (河豚fugu), winter

Composed by Masaoka Shiki in 1892, at age 25. Born

in Matsuyama, Shiki is credited with making

FESTIVALS December 2022

Canceled Events

GISHI MATSURI (Faithful Retainer Festival) at Kosho-ji temple

in Suehiro-machi, Matsuyama city

DOGO ONSEN NENMATSU OSOJI  (Year-end cleaning) 9:30-10:00

The Dogo bath buildings are cleaned at the end of the year so that everything will be fresh

TOPICS December 2022

The Stars and Stripes Connect Japan and the U.S.

Matthew Calbraith Perry aged 81, a fifth-generation descendant of Commodore Perry, visited Saijo City on November 13.

In 1853, before visiting Uraga, Commodore Perry called at Chichijima Island and gave the

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