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Monthly Archives: November 2022

TOPICS November 2022

Ukrainian Singer Performed in Ehime

A Ukrainian singer, Natasha Guzy, visited the Shikokuchuo City Hall, eastern Ehime, on October 12, the day before she held a concert in the same city. To support Ukraine, she has been holding charity concerts

FESTIVALS November 2022

Nov. 19-23  NINOMARU HIKARI-NO-TEIEN (Light up Ninomaru garden)

        17:00-21:00      Matsuyama castle Ninomaru Historic Garden

Maple trees are lit up and there are a lot of beautiful illuminations in the garden.

Admission: Adult 200 yen   Child 100 yen (Tel. 089-921-2000)


HAIKU November 2022

順禮の夢をひやすや松の露      子規


junrei no

yume o hiyasu ya

matsu no tsuyu



a pilgrim’s dream

chilled by dew

from the pine needles



Season word: dewdrop (tsuyu), autumn

Composed by Masaoka Shiki in 1891, at age 24. Born


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