FESTIVALS November 2022

Nov. 19-23  NINOMARU HIKARI-NO-TEIEN (Light up Ninomaru garden)

        17:00-21:00      Matsuyama castle Ninomaru Historic Garden

Maple trees are lit up and there are a lot of beautiful illuminations in the garden.

Admission: Adult 200 yen   Child 100 yen (Tel. 089-921-2000)

Early Nov.1-Late Nov. NIIYA MAPLE FESTIVAL at Inari-yama Park      Niiya、Ozu City

        Details of the event have not been announced yet.

Early Nov. -Late Nov. SHIRATAKI MAPLE FESTIVAL at Shirataki park  Shirataki, ,Nagahama-cho, Ozu City

       You can enjoy beautiful, autumn-colored leaves about this time. During the festival Shirataki park area is lit up from 17:00 till 20:00.  (Tel. 0893-52-1111)

Mid Nov. TAKI MATSURI (waterfall festival)          Details of the event have not been announced yet.

Late Nov. RURI-HIME MATSURI (Princess Ruri festival)      Details of the event have not been announced yet.

Nov. 3 BUNKA-NO-HI (Culture Day) National Holiday
Culture Day is held to celebrate the development of culture in Japan. It was established in 1948. Many cultural festivals and events are held at various places on or near this day.

Oct.1-Dec.25 EHIMEKENMIN-SOGO-BUNKASAI (Ehime Pref. Cultural Festival)
The purpose of this festival is to promote the culture of Ehime from art to industry. Various events are held in many cities and towns all over Ehime. (Tel. 089-912-2972)

THEME: IMA NORIKOETE HANAHIRAKU BUNKANOTAIRIN   Let’s overcome now to bloom a large flower of culture

Oct.28-Nov.4 9:40-18:00 Prefectural autumn art exhibition Prefectural Art Museum

Nov.6 10:00-20:00 Shogi tournament Admission:  1,000 yen      Kenminbunka-kaikan Annex

Nov.6 14:00-17:00 Jazz concert Iyo Mirai-kan in Iyo city

Nov.12 12:00-16:30 Haiku contest    Kenminbunka-kaikan Shinju-no-ma

Nov.13 13:00-16:00 Drama performance   Kenminbunka-kaikan Sub hall

Nov.13 12:30-16:00 Ginei (recitation of waka and a Chinene poem)

     Kenshibu (traditional Japanese dance using a sword and a Japanese fan to ginei recitation)

     Kenminbunka-kaikan Main hall


Nov.17 Ehime High school cultural festival                Kenminbunka-kaikan etc.

Nov.23 10:00-20:00 Igo tournament                           Kenminbunka-kaikan Shinju-no-ma

Nov.26 15:00-17:00 Modern dance performance      Kenminbunka-kaikan Sub hall

Nov.26-27 (26th 10:00-16:00 / 27th 10:00-15:00)        Kenminbunka-kaikan

              yume matsuri (Lifetime learning dream festival)

Nov.26-27 10:00-15:30 Ehime・Matsuyama Sangyo matsuri (industrial festival)

                                   –Display and sale of local products, etc. Castle park Horinouchi

Nov.23-27 9:40-18:00 Ehime Junior high school art exhibition Prefectural Art Museum

Nov.27 14:00-16:30 Brass band concert                     Kenminbunka-kaikan Main hall

Dec.4  10:00-16:00 Children’s traditional cultural festival    Kenminbunka-kaikan

Dec. 1-11 10:00-20:00 Art & Culture festival by disabled persons

                                 -Art exhibition Prefectural Art Museum

Dec. 25 11:00-12:30 / 15:00-16:30 Art & Culture festival by disabled persons

                                 -Stage performances Iyo Mirai-kan



Nov. 15 SHICHI-GO-SAN (7-5-3 Day)

    This is a celebration for children who have reached the ages of seven, five and three. On this day parents and children go to neighboring shrines and pray for good health. They buy`chitose-ame`, a special candy for this day. For three-year-old girls, the day is also celebrated as the day they wear kimono with sashes for the first time. For five-year-old boys it is the day when they can wear hakama, a kind of divided skirt. This celebration began in the 17th century in Edo (present-day Tokyo).

Nov. 23 KINRO-KANSHA-NO-HI  (Labor Thanksgiving Day) National Holiday
This day was established to thank working people and celebrate local products.

Nov.26-27 OTOI OZUMO  (Otoi Grand Sumo Wrestling) 8:30-18:00

At Otoi kaikan Nomura-cho, Seiyo City (Tel. 0894-72-08439

In 1852 a big fire broke out in Nomura-cho. After that the god of fire prevention was enshrined in Atago-jinja (shrine) and Otoi Ozumo started at the shrine to pray for preventing fires. Now it has become a very popular annual event. This year it is held on a smaller scale than usual at Otoi kaikan hall.    Admission: Free

26th Sumo bouts Local high school and junior high school students, and young men

27th Sumo bouts between amateur wrestlers, etc.

Transportation: (JR Yosansen line) Matsuyama→Unomachi → (Uwajima Bus) Unomachi→Nomura


     9:00-17:00 (Closed on Tuesday)      at GALLERY SHIROKAWA     Shirokawa-cho, Seiyo City

The national exhibition of paintings on kamaboko (fish-paste) boards started in 1995. This year 6,148 paintings were sent from all over the country and abroad. The painting which won the first prize this year is the one titled “Ochinai kimi (You, who don’t fall )”. It was painted by Kubo Teruaki from Miyazaki prefecture to represent a beetle resting on a broken wood wall on a summer day.    (Tel. 0894-82-1001)

NOTES: Events might be canceled or postponed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. Please check the latest information.

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