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TOPICS February 2022

Matsuyama Baseball Dance PR Video

The Matsuyama Festival Executive Committee recently produced a “Baseball Dance” PR video of a new version of the traditional local dance called Yakyuken Odori. The new version was released last summer in an attempt to

FESTIVALS February 2022


Canceled Events

Setsubun Yakuyoke (Warding off evils) Festival at Henjo-in 遍照院 in Imabari City

Setsubun Yakuyoke Festival Kagura-mai
神楽舞 (traditional Shinto dance)

at Izumo-taisha shrine Matsuyama Bunshi 出雲大社松山分祠 in Matsuyama City


Feb. 3 SETSUBUN 節分

Setsubun literally means the …

HAIKU February 2022

こゝぢやあろ家あり梅も咲て居る     子規

koko ja aro

ie ari

ume mo saiteoru

it must be here

a house with

a blooming plum tree

Season word: plum (ume), spring

Composed by Masaoka Shiki in 1894, at age 27. Born


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