FESTIVALS November 2021


9:00-17:00 (closed on Tuesday)

At GALLERY SHIROKAWA in Shirokawa-cho, Seiyo City 西予市城川町

The national exhibition of paintings on kamaboko (fish-paste) boards started more than twenty years ago. The exhibition was canceled last year to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. 12,493 paintings, including last years’, were sent from all over the country and abroad. The painting which won the first prize is titled “Ippo mae e 一歩前へ (one step forward)”. It was painted by Hino Tsutomi from Imabari city, Ehime, representing a muscular and powerful foot of a Nio
statue仁王像 which stands in Zenko-ji temple in Nagano Prefecture.

(Tel. 0894-82-1001)

KIKKA-TEN (Chrysanthemum Festival) 菊花展

Chrysanthemum exhibitions are held in many places. The best time for viewing is from the beginning through the middle of November. The chrysanthemum symbolizes Japan along with the cherry blossom. The Imperial crest is a 16-petal blossom. The flower itself was believed to have medicinal properties and was revered in China. 

Okudogo 奥道後 Details of the event have not been announced yet. (Tel. 089-977-1111)

Nov. 1-30 NIIYA MOMIJI MATSURI (maple festival)

At Inari-yama Park稲荷山公園 Niiya、Ozu City大洲市新谷
At Niiya Inari-yama Park you can enjoy 3,000 maple trees in their autumn colors. During the festival many street stalls sell local products. (Tel. 0893-24-2664)

Transportation: Take a JR local train from Matsuyama and get off at Niiya. It is a one-hour and 15-minute ride. It takes 15 minutes on foot from the station.


At Shirataki park白滝公園 Shirataki, Nagahama-cho, Ozu City大洲市長浜町白滝

You can enjoy beautiful, autumn-colored leaves about this time. During the festival Shirataki park area is lit up from 17:00 till 20:00.

Late Nov. SHIRATAKI TAKI MATSURI (waterfall festival)

There are pleasant events such as mochimaki, kids’ mikoshi, and local products for sale.

Late Nov. SHIRATAKI RURI HIME MATSURI (Princess Ruri festival) 14:00-17:00

This festival is related to the tragedy of Princess Ruri. Ruri, the wife of the lord of Takino-jo castle, after telling her two daughters to survive, hurled herself and her baby boy from the top of Shirataki Waterfall to avoid capture when her castle fell to the enemy in the Sengoku (Warring States) era (1477-1573). She is called princess because she was so young. About 20 girls dressed as Princess Ruri in colorful kimono parade from Sairyu-ji-temple up to Shirataki Falls. 11 boys join in the procession and carry a hana-mikoshi (portable shrine) decorated with many flowers. They are accompanied by women singing a pilgrim’s hymn.
10:30 Parade starts. 12:00 Memorial service for Princess Ruri at the waterfall

The mikoshi is thrown to the bottom of the waterfall from 60 meters above. Near the place called Princess Ruri Mound, Honen-odori (harvest dances) and folk songs are performed. There are many street stalls and mochitsuki (pounding steamed rice into cakes) from 13:00 to 15:00. Transportation: Take a JR local train from Matsuyama and get off at Shirataki station. It is a one-hour and 40-minute ride and a ten-minute walk from the station. (Tel. 0893-52-1111)

Nov. 3 BUNKA-NO-HI 文化の日 (Culture Day) National Holiday
Culture Day is held to celebrate the development of culture in Japan. It was established in 1948. Many cultural festivals and events are held at various places on or near this day.

Oct.1-Dec. .31 KENMIN-SOGO-BUNKASAI (Ehime Pref. Cultural Festival) 県民総合文化祭
The purpose of this festival is to promote the culture of Ehime from art to industry. Various events are held in many cities and towns all over Ehime during this time. (Tel. 089-912-2972)


愛媛の文化 紡ぐ絆 照らす未来 (Culture of Ehime / Spin Our Tie / Light the future )

Nov. 7 10:00-20:00 Igo tournament   Kenmin Bunka-kaikan

Nov. 7  12:30-16:00  Ginei-kenshi-mai 吟詠剣詩舞      Kenmin Bunka-kaikan

Nov. 14 10:00-20:00 Shogi tournament
(Tel. 089-933-7856) Kenmin Bunka-kaikan

Nov. 14 13:30-15:30 Ballet Performance Kenmin Bunka-kaikan

Nov.18-21 High school Sogo Cultural Festival Kenmin Bunka-kaikan

Nov.23 12:00-17;00 Hogaku Hobu 邦楽邦舞Performance Kenmin Bunka-kaikan

Traditional music and dance

Nov.23-28 (23rd 12-00-18:00 /24th -27th 9:40-18:00/ 28th 9:40-16:00))

Art exhibition of Ehime Junior high school students Prefectural Art Museum

Nov. 27-28 10:00-16:00 Shogai Gakushu
Yume Matsuri (lifetime learning dream festival)

Kenmin Bunka-kaikan

Dec. 2-12 10:00-16:00 Art & Culture Festival by Disabled Persons Prefectural Art Museum

Nov. 15 SHICHI-GO-SAN 七・五・三 (7-5-3 Day)

This is a celebration for children who have reached the ages of seven, five and three. On this day

parents and children go to neighboring shrines and pray for good health. They buy ‘chitose-ame‘, a

special candies for this day. For three-year-old girls, the day is also celebrated as the day they

wear kimono with sashes for the first time. For five-year-old boys it is the day when they can wear

hakama, a kind of divided skirt.

Nov. 23 KINRO-KANSHA-NO-HI 勤労感謝の日 (Labor Thanksgiving Day) National Holiday
This day was established to thank working people and celebrate local products.

Nov. 27 The 170th OTOI OZUMO 乙亥大相撲 (Otoi Grand Sumo Wrestling) 8:00-17:30    

At Otoi-kaikan      Nomura-cho, Seiyo City 西予市野村町      (Tel. 0894-72- 0843)

This event is usually held for two days, but this year it will be shortened to one day to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. The audience are limited to 700 people and only those who live in Seiyo city are allowed to enter the hall. Bouts of young amateur sumo wrestlers and those of high school students are held.

NOTES: Events might be canceled or postponed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

Please check the latest information.

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