Tel: 089-932-0010

9:40-18:00 (admission closes at 17:30) Closed: June 8, 14, 21, 28, July 6, 12

Due to the spread of corona virus, exhibition schedule is changeable.
Please check before you visit.
*Great Sword Exhibition (Apr. 24-June 27) was cancelled for this term and is to be
rescheduled next year (dates are not fixed).
*Snoopy Fantaration Exhibition (originally scheduled for March 27-May 7)
will reopen from July 24 until Aug. 2.

・Special Exhibition
< June 1-July 19 >
 Millet to Impressionist Exhibition
The history of French painting in the 19th century from Millet, Barbizon School to the works of the Impressionists displayed, seventy items including seven Millet pieces and Monet’s “Water-lilies”. Works borrowed from museums and private collectors in France and the UK. Works on display reveal the development of each style and the social, cultural and scientific influences that were brought to bear on them.

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Day ticket Advance ticket
Adults 1400 yen 1200 yen

Seniors (65 years and older) 1300 yen
High School & Collage students 1100 yen 800 yen
Junior High & Elementary School Students 600 yen 400 yen

・Museum Collection Exhibition / Azechi Umetaro, Manabe Hiroshi, Ishimoto Fujio etc.
Adults 330 yen ( 260 yen)
High School & College Students 220 yen ( 170 yen )

*Museum Collection Exhibition: Seniors (65 and over) are free. Junior high
& elementary school students and under are free. Disabled persons are free.
Ask for details.

9:40-18:00 (admission closes at 17:30)   
*Ask for the details          https://www.ehime-art.jp/

BANSUISO Tel: 089-921-3711B
Bansui-So is a French Neo-Renaissance building built in 1922 as the villa of the Duke Hisamatsu Sadakoto, a descendant of the feudal lord of Matsuyama. It was designated as national important
cultural property in 2011. Various events take place on the 1st floor. The luxurious interior decor of the 2nd floor can be viewed for 300 yen (adult). Bansui-So is behind the Courthouse, a 5-minute walk from the Okaido tram station.
9:00-18:00            Clos
ed: June 7, 14, 21, 28, July 5, 12

< – > “Sorokin no mita sakura”
Location photos from this film based on the love between a Russian POW and a Japanese nurse.
Adults 300
yen, High, Junior-high and elementary school students 100 yen .
Disabled persons and their attendants 100 yen

< June 9-13, 10:00-17:00 > American Flower Exhibition/ Free *Closing day ends at 16:00.


Once glassware was called “Giyaman” in Japan from the Portuguese word diamante (diamond) which was used to cut glass. This museum focuses on antique glassware made by Japanese craftsmen. It is located in the Yamanote Garden Place, a 7-minute walk from Dogo Onsen tram station.
9:00-22:00 (admission closes at 21:30) Closed: Every Wednesday
Admission: Adults 650 yen (550*) *Group discount (15 and over)
Seniors (65 and over with ID) 550 yen Junior High School Students 450 yen
Museum Shop and Café Annex.

MIURART VILLAGE Tel: 089-978-6838

This museum holds various kinds of art exhibits. The permanent collection includes a number of
Miurart pieces (porcelain panel painting) as well as contemporary sculptures in the garden gallery. About a 15-minute walk from Uchimiya Iyotetsu bus stop or a 20-minute walk from JR Horie station.
9:30-17:00 Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays
< June 2-Aug. 8 > M. Collection X
Featured works from the MIURART Collection: Ancient Greek Pottery, Sculptures, Japanese and Western-style Paintings. The works displayed in this museum were mainly collected by Miura Tamotsu, the founder of this museum. The collection ranges from ancient to modern art. Miura himself also became an artist.


Tel: 089-915-0075
10:00-20:00   Open: Everyday
Free Junkudo guides introducing Junkudo’s fairs and recommended books are available
every beginning of the month on the first floor.
* Looking for books, refer to the following site, https://honto.jp/store/detail_1570054_14HB320.html

SAKA-NO-UE-NO KUMO MUSEUM Tel: 089-915-2600

This museum was built to commemorate the novel Saka no ue no kumo (The Clouds on the Hill),
written by Shiba Ryotaro. The story takes place during the Meiji era (1868-1912), focusing on three ambitious natives of Matsuyama, brothers Saneyuki and Yoshifuru Akiyama and their friend Masaoka Shiki. A special exhibition explores the Meiji era, transition of Japan to a modern state, focusing on Akiyama Saneyuki. The museum’s triangular architecture was designed by Ando Tadao, one of Japan’s most famous architects. A 3- minute walk from Okaido tram station.
9:00 -18:30 (admission until 18:00)      Closed: Mondays
Admission: Adults 400 yen (320*) *Group discount for more than 20 people
Jr. High Sch. Students & Seniors (over 65) 200 yen (160*)
* Rental fee for an audio guide is 100 yen . (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

Tel: 089-931-5566

Masaoka Shiki (1867-1902) is the father of modern haiku. Here, his lifework and the development of modern Japanese literature are examined. Displays also trace the history of Ehime and Matsuyama from ancient times to the 19th century. On the 3rd floor, there is a replica of “Gudabutsuan”, the house where Shiki and his friend Natsume Soseki, a famous novelist, lived for a time. Located in the northern part of Dogo Park, a 5-minute walk from Dogo Onsen Station or Dogo Koen tram station.
9:0017:00 (admission until 16:30)


 Closed: Tuesdays

Admission: Adult 400 yen Student (up to high school) Free
*Volunteer English Guides available on request. Call the museum at least 2 days in advance.

*Rental fee for English, Korean or Chinese audio guide is 100 yen . http://www.sikihaku.lesp.co.jp/information/english/

Tel: 089-909-8565
9:30-17:00(-16:00 on the last day of exhibition) Closed: Mondays
Events might be canceled or postponed to prevent the spread of novel Coronavirus infection.
Please check the latest information.

Tel: 089-934-8123
10:00-19:00 Closed:Wednesdays
-16:00 on the last day of exhibition) Admission: Free
< June 3-8 >
Ceramic Works and Tiles from Spain by Funato Ayako
< June 10-15 >
Prints by Hans Innemée

Innemée is an artist from the Netherlands. His main motifs are whimsical animals

portrayed using simple lines and primary colors.

< June 17-29 > Dai-Tankei Inkstone Exhibit
Tankei-inkstones are famous for their durability and are said to last for a hundred years.
Made of a rare stone which comes from China, tankei-inkstones are treasured by calligraphers
for the clear and beautiful ink they produce.

Tel: 089-948-2111

10:00-19:00    Open: Everyday
Restaurants (11:00-21:00, 22:00) Please check the latest information.
Ferris Wheel (10:00-21:00)
6th Floor ART GALLERY 
Admission: Free (-16:00 on the last day of exhibition)
< -June 1 > Seiko Watch Fair

< June 9-15 > Japanese Paintings by Yoneda Minoru
< June 16-22 > Japanese Paintings by Matsumura Kota
< June 25-27 > Glasses Bazaar
8th Floor SKY DOME
Please check the latest information.

 SEKI ART GALLERY Tel: 089-946-5678
This gallery focuses on Japanese masters of the 20th century including works of the “Nihonga” painters Yokoyama Taikan, Maeda Seison and Kayama Matazo. Also on display are oil paintings by Koiso Ryohei, Léonard Foujita and others. The Rodin Room features sculptures and copperplate prints by François-Auguste-René Rodin. As you enter the museum, a member of staff will play an antique disk music box. A 5-minute walk from Dogo Onsen tram station.
10: 00-17: 00
  Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays
Admission: Adult 700 yen, Sr. High, Jr. High & Primary Sch. Students 500 yen

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